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The Backyard Bugle – Vol 1 Issue 2 Summer 2023

Dec 22, 2023

Welcome to the second issue of our company newsletter. The purpose of these newsletter is to give our customers and potential customers news about what is going on in the business (including any special offers and new product offerings), pass on useful information in relation to the products we offer, and hopefully give people a bit of a laugh now and then.

These newsletters are being published every three months to tie in with the changes in the seasons in the Southern Hemisphere as the company has roots in both New Zealand and South Africa and we want to celebrate changes in nature that each country shares as well as the differences (mostly related to the relative temperature outside being much higher in South Africa according to Shirley-Ann!).

We hope you will enjoy the information provided and, more importantly, it contributes to your enjoyment of any products you purchase from us.

Special offers/ New Products

We have recently decided to add an extra free gift to our introductory offer (which includes the Kolkol Hot tub with stove, chimney, thermal cover, a protection cover, AND wooden stirring paddle). The gift is the Flowclear floating thermometer which will enable you to keep track of the water temperature as it heats up. Check out our website at www.backyardblessings.co.nz for more details about how to take advantage of this if you haven’t already.

African Tales

A Celebration of Vibrancy: African Christmas Traditions

Christmas in Africa stands as a mosaic of cultural richness, weaving together modern customs and time-honored traditions. Each African nation embellishes the season with distinctive practices, unveiling a spectrum of cultural heritage across the continent.
Familiar rituals like gift exchanges foster love and gratitude within families. Zimbabwe’s door-to-door visits and Zambia’s nativity games illustrate the varied festive merriment spanning communities.

Culinary delights feature prominently in African celebrations. Tanzania marks the occasion by procuring cows or goats for a grand Christmas Eve feast, while South Africa sizzles with the aromas of barbecued meats during their “braai” gatherings. These savory indulgences represent the diverse flavors and spices emblematic of the continent’s cultural legacy.

Storytelling, musical performances, and dance form an integral fabric of African Christmas traditions. Communities regale in traditional plays and vibrant musical showcases, not just for entertainment but also as a testament to their cultural roots, binding people in joyous unity.

Decorations bring forth a burst of color and joy to African homes. From the symbolic Kwanzaa candles to intricately designed Christmas stars made from palm leaves, each adornment narrates stories of tradition, creativity, and community. Natural materials like dried corn husks and banana leaves endorse sustainable practices, crafted skillfully by local artisans.

The enchantment of African Christmas culminates in captivating performances and musical celebrations. Traditional dances pulsate with rhythmic movements and vivid costumes, narrating tales of heritage. Soul-stirring hymns and lively carols resonate in the air, uniting communities in melodious harmony.

Moreover, gastronomic delights tantalize taste buds with dishes like jollof rice in West Africa and the famed hibiscus tea from the region. Sumptuous desserts like Buns, Puff Puff, and Malva pudding add a sweet crescendo to the festivities.

In conclusion, African Christmas traditions, a fusion of modernity and heritage, exemplify the spirit of togetherness and cultural diversity. These celebrations underscore the essence of love, gratitude, and unity, painting a vibrant canvas of Christmas that is distinctly African.

Backyard Banter

Two kids decide to camp in their backyard on Christmas eve to see if they can spot Santa on his sleigh and it’s gotten pretty late and neither of them have watches or phones.

“What time do you think it is? Is it Christmas day yet?” One of them asks the other.

“Just make a ton of noise” says the other.

The first kid gets confused but decides to do it anyway. After a few seconds of screaming a light turn on in another yard and a neighbour yells “YOU CRAZY KIDS IT’S 2 AM ON CHRISTMAS MORNING!!”

Helpful Hints

Maintaining Freshness in Your Hot Tub Water

A hot tub provides a luxurious and relaxing experience, but maintaining the water quality is crucial for a safe and enjoyable soak. Regularly changing the water is one way to keep it fresh, but there are alternative methods that extend the usability of the water while ensuring cleanliness.

  1. Regular Water Replacement: Leaving the water in the hot tub without any intervention typically yields around three to four days of usability on average.
  2. Chlorination Method: Another method which doesn’t involve modifying the tub is using chlorine to treat the water. Here’s a simple approach: dissolve a small amount (two or three teaspoons) of spa pool chlorine in a large bucket (approximately 30 litres) of water. Once dissolved, add this chlorinated water to the hot tub. This method can prolong the water’s freshness for approximately ten days. Hardware stores like Bunnings stock these.
  3. Incorporating a Pump and Filtration System: For a more long-term solution, consider installing a pump and filtration system. Here’s a step-by-step guide to setting up such a system:
    • Drill three equidistant holes around the tub, ensuring that the two outlet pipes are at least 90 cm apart and at different heights to prevent suction issues.
    • Attach pool connections and seal any gaps around them using waterproof sealant.
    • Connect the system to a home pool filter, which can be purchased for portable swimming pools or spas. The Warehouse often has some great cheap deals.
    • Opt for a pool pump that can be easily connected to a mains supply or consider an off-grid option such as a solar-powered pump (Marine Bilge pumps can be a suitable choice). Trade tested is a good site to find good quality but affordable pumps.
    • Integrate a chlorinator into the system for a slow release of chlorine, enhancing water sanitation.

This system can effectively extend the usability of the water up to two or three months, significantly reducing the frequency of water changes. However, even if the water appears clear and clean, it’s recommended to replace it every three months to maintain optimal hygiene.

Important Safety Measures

When keeping water in the tub for extended periods, ensure safety measures are in place.

  • Supervision: Ensure suitable supervision  by an adult when the tub is in use.
  • Approved Safety Cover: Use a lockable safety cover specifically designed for hot tubs.
  • Fencing: Fully enclose the hot tub area with a secure fence to prevent unauthorized access.

By implementing these strategies, you can ensure the water in your hot tub remains fresh, clean, and safe for a prolonged duration, enhancing your overall hot tub experience.

Till next time

Wishing you the best of blessings for your backyard and a very merry Christmas and happy new year from Grae, Shirley-Ann, and Family.