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The Backyard Bugle – Vol 1 Issue 3 Autumn 2024

May 8, 2024

This is our third issue of our company newsletter so we have been going strong for over six months now. The purpose of these newsletter is to give our customers and potential customers news about what is going on in the business (including any special offers and new product offerings), pass on useful information in relation to the products we offer, and hopefully give people a bit of a laugh now and then.

As always we hope you will enjoy the information provided and, more importantly, it contributes to your enjoyment of any products you purchase from us.

Special offers/ New Products

We have great news from the originator of the Kolkol hot tub. He has designed and is producing a wooden side tray that can be clipped on to the side of tub to enable food, drink, or whatever to be kept at easy access while to enjoy your soak. We will be selling this at $370 each but for our existing customers we offer a deal of $330. Please contact us on [email protected] if you want to pre-order this tray. They should be arriving in the country around the start of July.

Kolkol Side Tray

African Tales

Autumn in Southern Africa is the start of the dry season. Unlike in New Zealand Africa (with the exception of the area around Cape Town) does not have the traditional four seasons we are familiar with. Instead, it has a hot Wet season and a less hot (it is still generally quite warm) Dry season that lasts from around April to November.

While the days tend to be warm, helped by the ever presence of the African Sun, the nights are much colder as there is little cloud cover to trap the heat of the day. This is often when time to gather around the fire. It is also a great time to soak under the big African night sky in a nicely heated hot tub.

As water becomes scarcer during the Dry season animals gather around perennial waterholes and vegetation cover becomes more sparse. This means the season is usually the best for game viewing as the animals are concentrated and can be seen more easily even when they are not drinking at the waterhole.


Backyard Banter

I was digging a hole in my backyard when I found a box filled with gold.

I was so excited that I ran inside to tell my wife. Then I remembered why I was digging the hole in the first place.

Helpful Hints

Repairing minor scratches and scuff marks on your Kolkol Hot Tub Water

One disadvantage of having a portable hot tub is the increased chance of the external shell getting scuffed or scratched as a result of a move. But if this does occur there are ways to return your tub back to (or close to) how it was prior to the scape or scapes as it is made from flexible but hard wearing Polyethelene. Please note that the following steps should work for minor to moderate scratches.

First off lightly sand the surface of the tub over where the scratches or abrasions are located. To do this use a fine grit sandpaper. You can use an electric sander or sander attachment for a drill but make sure you do not press too hard. The idea is to lightly buff out the scratch marks.

The next step is to use a heat gun with a clean cloth. Briefly hold the heat gun about 15 to 20 cm from the surface and hit the area with a blast of hot air. This should be done for no more than thirty seconds and preferably less. Keep an eye on what it is doing after ten seconds and any sign of it maybe getting too hot refrain from doing so further. The idea is to heat it up enough that the scratches can be polished out.

This should make the finish on the tub smooth and not too shiny so it matches the rest of the tub exterior.

Till next time

Wishing you the best of blessings for your backyard from Grae, Shirley-Ann, and Family.