Specialists in Wood-fired Hot Tubs and Barbeques

Meet The Owners

Despite being born in different countries and, Shirley-Ann would argue, different generations, Grae and Shirley-Ann both grew up with a love of the outdoors, family and the memories created in our own backyards!

Grae has his roots firmly settled in Wellington, and, after a five year stint in the UK, returned home to raise his family in his turangawaewae.

Shirley-Ann moved to New Zealand in 2007 from South Africa and eventually settled in Wellington in 2012, with her two children and a small brown pug named Buddy.

The two now share a blended family with five children, two dogs (Buddy and Scruffy) and two chickens (Rosa Parks and Captain Cluck) and retain the same love for sharing the best of their blessings with those they love. On a recent visit to family in South Africa, amongst some good natured rugby related rivalry with Shirley-Ann`s three brothers, the couple found the Kolkol woodfired hot tubs and immediately knew they had found something special. Picturing enjoying a luxury, lazy soak back in the green surrounds of their New Zealand home, the couple decided that this is something that should be shared with everyone- not just those that can afford it. And so, Backyard Blessings was born. Not to mention the ease of use and maintenance, tried and tested by a busy blended family!

About Our Suppliers

Welcome to KolKol, where all things unique find their roots in the owners, Rudi and Karen Oosthuyse’s, daring ideas. They believe that good ideas can come from unexpected moments of inspiration. The KolKol journey started in 2003 around a crackling fire, sharing laughter and stories with good friends, which led to an idea that would change the way we think about relaxation and luxury.

While strolling through a tranquil pine tree plantation, Rudi’s vision began to take shape – a vision centered around crafting personal log cabins starting from felling the trees to building an actual lodge. Driven by a dedication to create exceptional experiences for guests, Rudi and the team thought beyond the ordinary, giving birth to the first log cabin called the KolKol cabin. A space designed for comfort and an escape from the city-life. Rudi and Karen went a step further and added a splash pool, a haven for guests on hot days. However, they soon realised that the pool’s potential was limited by chilly evenings and the winter months.

Determined to enhance the experience sustainably, Rudi spent hours researching and experimenting with ways to heat the pool without relying on electricity. The breakthrough came in the form of a submerged wood-fired oven. This clever solution not only warmed the pool but also captured his imagination.

But Rudi’s pursuit of creative and innovative experiences didn’t stop there. When the decision was made to construct two eco-tented accommodations, a new challenge emerged: how to design a pool that harmonized with the tents without using concrete.

Thus, the idea of a Polyethylene hot tub was born, a creation that aligned seamlessly with the commitment to sustainability and aesthetic appeal. The journey was marked by trial and error, exploring various materials until the perfect fit for the wood-fired oven was discovered. The timing coincided with the excitement of the 2010 soccer World Cup in South Africa, which gave rise to the first wood-fired hot tub shaped like half a soccer ball.

After receiving a large amount of interest from surrounding lodges for the same type of wood-fired hot tub, Rudi decided to start selling the product to the industry as well as private consumers. So began the story of the “Travelin’ Tub” as the business was first called. The name was given because these first hot tubs were small and light enough to be taken on holiday with you.

As the journey unfolded, Rudi launched the Egg model in 2022 – a result of meticulous planning intended to resonate globally. This contemporary and elegant addition is more than just a hot tub; it’s a relaxing experience and a product that can be stacked and transported for international export. Collaborating closely with 4evr Plastics, partners and manufacturers of the wood-fired hot tubs, Rudi invested countless hours perfecting every detail, especially the seating area, ensuring the utmost comfort. Whether it’s nestled in your backyard, part of a holiday retreat, or a centerpiece of a lodge or spa, a KolKol wood-fired hot tub transforms any space into a sanctuary of tranquility and pure enjoyment.