Kolkol Wood Fired Hot Tub


  • Area: 2.45m x 1.9m
  • Height: 760mm
  • 1200 litres of water
  • Fits 5 – 6 adults comfortably
  • Weighs 90kg (Tub only)
  • Stove and heatshield 30kg


  • Takes 1 hour 45 mins to heat
  • Fully portable
  • No installations required
  • 30mm outlet for draining
  • Easy to clean

New order arriving soon meaning we will have Black, Slate Grey, Olive Green, and Light Grey in stock in the country.

Jet Black, Slate Grey, Olive Green, Slate Blue, Deep Blue, Dusty Green, Rusty Brown & Beige Sand are currently on backorder. Delivery will take approximately 2-3 months.

We currently have Light Grey in stock.

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Only $6,500

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